Two Grundy County residents arrested on domestic violence charges

Domestic Violence

Separate incidents of domestic violence have resulted in the arrests of two persons in Grundy County.

30-year-old Shawn Glidewell of Trenton faces charges of domestic assault in the second degree and felonious restraint. Bond is 25 thousand dollars cash.

Glidewell is to appear June 28th in the associate division of Grundy county circuit court.

Information submitted to the court accuses Glidewell of causing physical injury to Deloris Glidewell by allegedly punching her abdomen and chest with a closed fist and kneeing her on the left side of her face.

Shawn Glidewell also is accused of restraining the victim so as to interfere substantially with her liberty and expose her to the risk of serious physical injury. The incidents are alleged to have occurred at a rural Trenton address June 9th and/or 10th. He was arrested by a sheriff’s deputy on Saturday. Court documents identify the Glidewells as married.

A Trenton woman, 38-year-old Megan Nicole Corey, has been arrested on a charge of domestic abuse in the second degree. Bond is 25 hundred dollars cash.

Ms. Corey is to be in the associate division of circuit court tomorrow Tuesday, June 14.

She is accused of making physical contact with Brian St. Onge knowing that such conduct would be considered offensive.

The court information indicates the two persons are members of the same household.