Two Brookfield residents fleeing from police crash on Jewel Drive

Police Chase

Two residents from Brookfield, described by the highway patrol as fleeing from police, were injured in a single-vehicle accident Thursday afternoon in Linn County.

The driver, 42-year-old Christopher Wilson, received serious injuries and passenger, 28-year-old Alisha McCollum, received minor injuries. Both were taken by ambulance to the Pershing Memorial Hospital.

The sports utility vehicle was being pursued by Brookfield Police when Wilson lost control and the vehicle rolled, ejecting him from the vehicle.  The SUV was demolished in the 3:50 pm crash on Jewel Drive, one and a half miles east of Brookfield. Neither occupant was using a seat belt.

Assistance was provided by Brookfield Police Department as well as the Brookfield Fire Departments and Linn County Sheriff’s Department.