Twenty six women from Mercer County receive scholarships

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Twenty-six women from Mercer County are the latest recipients of Gene Kauffman Scholarships.

Collectively, the female graduates of North Mercer and Princeton High School received $141,539 in the Kauffman scholarships for the spring semester. Of the 26 recipients, ten are enrolled at North Central Missouri College.

Each student provided signed statements that they met the established criteria for the Kauffman scholarship including being a non-smoker and not married. The scholarship is funded by a trust established by the late Edward “Gene” Kauffman of Princeton. Recipients are enrolled in and must pass, at least 12 hours of credit and maintain a certain grade point average. Each also has filed a free application for federal student aid (FAFSA).

Kauffman applications become available May 1st for the fall 2022 semester for female graduates of high schools in Mercer county. Forms are to be available in the high school principal’s offices at Princeton and Mercer as well as each school districts’ website.

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