Tuesday night rain cuts into yearly deficit

Rainy Day
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Significant rainfall Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning boosted August precipitation to 6.07 inches, which makes August the first-month precipitation in Trenton has been above average during any month since October 2017.  Overnight rainfall is also the most rainfall in any month since Trenton received 6.8 inches in October of 2017.

The official rain total for Trenton, reported this morning by the fire station on behalf of the National Weather Service, is 1.95 inches, which is the second time this month that Trenton recorded a 24-hour rainfall total of nearly two inches. The previous rainfall total was 1.9 inches on August 15th.

The 6.07 inches received so far this month is 1.54 inches above average for August and has boosted Trenton’s total precipitation this year to just over 15-inches. Trenton has had measurable rain on six of the past ten days, with more rain forecast.  Figures maintained by KTTN show Trenton has cut into the year to date moisture deficit, which as of this Wednesday morning, is now 12.12 inches since January 1st.

Many areas in north Missouri received significant rainfall overnight. Locations include reports of 2.5 inches elsewhere in Trenton, about 3.0 inches west of Crowder Park northeast of Trenton. Just north of Galt, and at Humphreys, 3.5 inches, at Tindall and Green City 4.2 inches and northwest of Milan as much as 5.3 inches of rain.

With luck, the forecast for north Missouri will hold true as rain is forecast for the next seven days, which will further reduce drought conditions.

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