Trenton’s Utility Committee to suggest relay repairs and breaker testing to City Council

Trenton Utility Committee

Besides reports, Trenton’s Utility Committee has approved recommendations and motions that are expected to receive full city council considerations.

Trenton Municipal Utilities Director Ron Urton reports one recommendation going on to the city council is to replace relays are both the south and north substations this year. Urton noted the cost comes in less than what TMU budgeted for the relays. That cost, via a proposal from RS Utility Company is $103,396. A figure of $135,000 had been budgeted.

A was motion was made to amend the budget for maintenance testing of breakers That cost is $6,500. Urton noted this had been budgeted and scheduled for last spring but was delayed due to COVID-19. Work and expenses were moved to the current budget.

Urton reports the committee voted to recommend to the council an engineering option regarding the 2nd and Kitty Street connection for routing of a new and larger water main to the sewer plant. Options were reviewed in the report from the Howe Engineering company.

Another recommendation is for the council to accept a proposal from Allstate Consultants on a preliminary engineering report for water plant clarifiers which has been described as part of the original design of the water treatment plant.

Urton also reported the committee is requesting information to be provided to the city council regarding sewer and water system needs including information regarding customer rates.

The monthly financial TMU report on electric, water, and sewer departments also was provided to the committee.

Trenton’s utility committee has three members including Cathie Smith, Dave Mlika, and John Dolan. Also attending the Tuesday night meeting were TMU Department heads, City Clerk, and City Administrator. Attending via the internet link on Zoom were the Mayor and two other city council members.