Trenton’s Utility Committee tackles numerous issues at Tuesday meeting

Trenton Utility Committee

The three-member Utility Committee to the Trenton City Council discussed several topics when they met for 90 minutes Tuesday night but no official action was taken.

Dawn Stewart told of a flooded basement after an apparent sewer backup. It was noted a fiber optics contractor had a crew working in her yard. Trenton Municipal Utilities sent workers to repair what was described as a glue coupler that started leaking for a sewer main. Ms. Stewart praised TMU employees for working there during very hot weather. Kenny Ricketts said TMU workers would return to the location today.

Utility Director Ron Urton said a number of “hits” have occurred during fiber optics boring due to the city not having sufficient underground utility information for the lake area as it was annexed into the city many years ago. Scott Wilson, on behalf of Mid-States Services, said the underground work for fiber optics should be completed by the end of this week.

Urton updated the committee on Burns and McDonnel determining cost estimates for another portion of the sewer plant improvement project. Information will be studied as to the cost estimates for the “headworks” portion of the project – should the city decide it wants to pursue this. Larkin and Associates are preparing cost estimates for the water main projects along East 9th street and the sewer line projects on Normal St.

In a review of the work site for the new asphalt plant, it was noted a water line needs to be moved. The $2,500 cost for materials could come out of the asphalt plant construction, contingency fund. Utility crews would do the work.

Urton reported he was advised by the state that a sewer issue at the lower lake needs to move up on TMU project priority list. Urton told the committee about notice of violation received from the Department of Natural Resources, explaining that a sewer main runs under a garage, plugs up, and causes an overflow. Urton said the city is to reply to the DNR by the end of this month.

Urton reported “black start” options for the power plant generators are being evaluated. NW Electric of Cameron is wanting to make upgrades to power plant equipment at Trenton and could prompt an electrical shutdown. Urton said information is being sought on the possibility of NW Electric providing a second “feed” line to Trenton with an additional option involving the startup of TMU generators.