Trenton woman transported to hospital after crashing on 8th and Rural in Trenton

Accident-Crash graphic

The Trenton Police Department reports a Jamesport woman was transported to Wright Memorial Hospital on Monday afternoon after a two-vehicle accident.

Ninety-five-year-old Bettie Langford was taken to the hospital with a complaint of knee pain. Twenty-four-year-old Bianca Treadwell of Trenton said her head hurt and was to seek her own treatment.

Langford drove a car west on East Eighth Street, reportedly stopped at the intersection with Rural Street, and started to travel west again. Treadwell drove a sport utility vehicle north on Rural and allegedly claimed she tried to stop, but the car and SUV collided.

A crash report notes Langford said she had a hard time seeing due to the rain. There was also construction equipment at the southwest corner of the intersection, which obstructed the view of northbound traffic on Rural and westbound traffic on Eighth.

The car received extensive damage, and the SUV received moderate damage.