Trenton Utility Committee to recommend electric rate discount for business with large power bills

Trenton Utility Committee

The utility committee for TMU has agreed to offer an electric rate discount to a business that opened earlier this year and is described as consistently having large power bills. City officials describe it as an effort to show support for the business, Chelsie’s Food Market, for being in the community, and the people who are employed.

Trenton Municipal has a policy of offering a discounted rate incentive to commercial customers that have an average monthly usage of 50,000 kilowatts. Because the electric usage is so high, there’s a 25% for the first year in business, followed by 15% and 5% discounts in the next two years. In the case of Chelsie’s, the committee decided the first year discount extends to next February which would mark the conclusion of the first year in business at Trenton.

Micah Landes of the North Central Missouri Development Alliance spoke last night with the utility committee. She pointed out the three year discount on electric costs is an economic development incentive primarily offered to help attract industry.

In the specific case involving Chelsie’s, the discount means cutting their utility payment for electricity by about $1,200 a month through February.  Lesser amounts would be saved for the second and third years of the discount or incentive program.

The utility committee is recommending the use of the policy to the full city council. Utility Director Ron Urton reviewed with the committee current and future water and sewer projects as well as financing information for each.