Trenton Utility Committee meets with engineer to review plans for water-related projects

Trenton, Missouri sign at entrance to city
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Trenton’s Utility Committee met Tuesday evening with an engineer to review preliminary plans for water-related projects.

The committee reviewed details and saw cost estimates for work at the reservoir pump station and the river pump station. Members also learned costs would be forthcoming from a specialized company regarding upgrades or rehabilitation of the clarifier basins at the water treatment plant.

An agreement advancing to the Trenton City Council allows Allstate Consultants of Marceline to provide engineering design services on proposed improvements to the reservoir and river pump stations. Cary Sayre of Allstate met with the Utility board, department heads, and city officials.

After discussion, the committee determined that improvements at the reservoir pump station have the highest priority. Allstate gave preliminary probable costs for construction and professional services of $435,650. Allstates’ fee for basic engineering and construction services is listed at $105,000. In an effort to be ready to move forward when TMU is ready, the committee reviewed basic engineering design work for the river pump station improvements. Allstate’s cost is $83,000. And the preliminary probable cost for construction and professional services on this project is $267,350. Discussion between Sayre and city officials also dealt with whether to proceed with a design, bid and build contract. That way, Sayre explained, the city can request qualifications from contractors; then select one for Allstate engineers to work within finalizing all plans and costs.

Sayre described the water treatment plant as “in good shape” for its age. The plant was built 55 years ago. He spoke of areas where the concrete is deteriorating. His company, Allstate, is waiting on a report and cost information from a structural engineer who was in Trenton earlier this month to look at the concrete basins with the idea that expenses would be less with rehabilitation rather than re-build. A discussion also was held isolating each basin while one was being worked on so water would continue to flow to customers.

Two proposals from RS Electric of Kansas City will be forwarded to the council. One is a quote of $74,500 to upgrade the SCADA system at the power plant. The other is for $46,500 for upgrading electrical work at the diesel generating sub-station.

Yet another topic to advancing to the Trenton City Council is an addition to the existing TMU shut-off policy which basically will state that Trenton, as a municipality, is not required to follow the Missouri Public Service Commission hot weather and cold weather rules.

Presenting their reports were TMU department heads Kenny Ricketts, Brad Griffin, Steve Reid, Bob Hutchinson, plus utility director Ron Urton. Among his comments, Reid is suggesting consideration be given to installing a lockable gate at the city reservoir, which allows keys to be issued to fisherman once they paid a fee. This could be done to lessen potential vandalism and littering from party-goers at night.

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