Trenton to activate Emergency Snow Route Ordinance at 6 pm Monday, Jan 8, 2024

Emergency Snow Route Sign
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The city of Trenton is set to activate its emergency snow route ordinance effective 6 p.m. tonight, remaining in effect until 6 p.m. Thursday. This critical measure includes the designation of specific sections of 16 streets as emergency snow routes.  Streets designated as Emergency Snow Routes are denoted by signs.

Under this ordinance, residents are required to remove their motor vehicles from these designated streets by the enforcement time to avoid being ticketed. The activation of this ordinance is essential for Trenton street crews to have better access to clearing snow efficiently.

The following streets or portions thereof are established as emergency snow routes within Trenton:

  • 7th Street – Jefferson Street to Monroe Street
  • 8th Street – Jefferson Street to Monroe Street
  • 9th Street – Main Street to Cedar Street
  • 10th Court – Tinsman Avenue to Haliburton Street
  • 10th Street – Cedar Street to Haliburton Street
  • 11th Street – Cedar Street to Tinsman Avenue
  • 12th Street – Cedar Street to Tinsman Avenue
  • 13th Street – Cedar Street to Main Street
  • 13th Street – Mable Street to Tinsman Avenue
  • 17th Street – Main Street to Harris Avenue
  • Haliburton Street – 10th Street to Tinsman Avenue
  • Iowa Blvd – 10th Street South to Hwy 65
  • Mable Street – Tinsman Avenue to 17th Street
  • Main Street – 4th Street to 17th Street
  • Tinsman Avenue – Main Street to Lulu Street
  • Washington Street – 7th Street to Haliburton Street

The city urges compliance with this temporary ordinance to ensure public safety and facilitate effective snow removal. The city notes that any vehicles left on a street designated as an Emergency Snow Route WILL BE TICKETED.

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