Trenton Street Department set to overlay 21 streets

MoDOT Road Work

Portions of 21 streets in Trenton have been designated for improvements this year under projects listed for the proposed 2020-21 city of Trenton budget.

A private contractor is to mill four locations this Wednesday and Thursday as long as weather conditions allow. Motor vehicles need to remove by 7 a-m from along portions of the streets to be milled. They are West 9th Street from Main to Cedar and the nearby West 10th Street from Cedar to Tindall Avenue. Others to be milled are Harris Avenue between 17th and 18th Street as well as 28th street from the North Missouri Saddle Club to just west of the 28th Street Bridge.

Those four portions, plus two other streets, will have the Trenton street crews do the overlay work. The additional two portions are Harris Avenue from Speedway to 26th Street and on 11th street from Laclede Street to Tinsman Avenue.

Portions of 15 streets have been proposed for the Trenton Street Department to do the chip and seal work this year. All are in the first, second, and third wards. The list includes parts of Mable, Bolser, Laclede, Highland, Madison, Scott, and Savage streets plus 19th and 24th streets. Others are Crowder, Parallel and Pleasant Plain Roads; as well as Tindall and Harris Avenues, and Pleasant View.

A grand total of 40,037square yards of the streets are to receive the chip and seal treatment. The city noted some of the streets will need varied asphalt repairs before the chip and seal work can be done.