Trenton sales tax revenues down $20,000 compared to a year ago

Sales Tax

Trenton city sales tax revenues received this month are running very steady with the amounts reported for July of last year, with the most recent figures shared with the Trenton City Council and news media at Monday nights’ meeting.

Trenton has five city sales taxes. The general fund sales tax for July received over $88,000, the capital projects sales tax amount is $44,000, the parks department received over $40,000 in sales tax money, the tax to benefit the Trenton Fire Department equipment, training and services was $20,000, and collections of the Trenton transportation sales tax began last October, so a year-to-year comparison isn’t available.

After three months of the city’s current fiscal year which is May, June, and July, each of the sales tax funds is running lower than the corresponding period one year ago.

The general fund sales tax is behind by $8,500, the capital projects fund trails a year ago by roughly $4,200, the parks department sales tax is some $5,000 behind the pace of a year ago, and the fire department sales tax trails by roughly $2,400.  When the deficits are added together, that’s $20,000 less than the receipts in the first three months of the last fiscal year at Trenton.

After ten months of collection, the transportation sales tax has reached $174,530. The first priority for this fund is to make Trenton’s loan payments for its share of costs on the 17th Street Bridge Replacement project.

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