Trenton Rotary Club hears presentation on Missouri Day Marching Festival

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Information on the Missouri Day Marching Festival was shared at the Trenton Rotary Club meeting on October 7th.

Phillip Ray reported 29 bands entered the festival on October 16th, and 23 bands will participate in the parade that morning at 8:30. Bands will also compete in field show competition at C. F. Russell Stadium and drumline and auxiliary competition at Trenton High School. A schedule is on the Missouri Days Marching Festival website.

One-third of the bands are listed as 1A schools, one-third are listed as 2A, and the remaining bands are listed as 3A to 5A. The Trenton marching band will perform in the exhibition.

Ray said that because of the number of band festivals being held, including nine also taking place October 16th, bands are recruited throughout the year for the Missouri Days Marching Festival.

There are nine judges for this year’s festival, and three are from Missouri. The judges include high school, college, and university band instructors as well as retired instructors.

During the Trenton Rotary Club’s business meeting, Joe MacDonald was recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow. President Brian Upton presented MacDonald with a certificate and pin. Phil Hoffman sponsored MacDonald’s designation.

There was an update on preparations for the Missouri Day Festival Parade, which is organized by the Rotary Club. Other updates were given on the club meeting sign project and the Rotary shelter house project.

The board met after the meeting and voted to donate to the Dream Factory as well as pay for metal to be used to make repairs to the Rotary shelter house at Moberly Park. Club members will also install the metal as a service project.