Trenton residents to see price changes in Suddenlink bill


Altice USA has informed the city of Trenton about pricing changes for customers of its subsidiary, Suddenlink which are effective February 1st.

In a letter to Trenton Mayor Nick McHargue, the company says Suddenlink customers of limited basic service currently pay a monthly rate of $12.31 to $39.24. The new monthly rate will be $34.99. Suddenlink customers of expanded basic currently pay a monthly rate between $20.50 cents and $55.65. The new rate will be $50.00.

The broadcast surcharge will be increased by $1.00 per month with the new monthly amount costing $11.00. Residential customers currently pay $10.00 per month for a set-top box with the new monthly charge to be $11.00.

Altice USA, the parent company of Suddenlink, says the pricing changes are to align customer rates, and more directly reflect the rising cost of programming, and what the company called a significant investment in its network.

To limit the impact of the revised pricing, some customers affected by several of the changes, will see a special credit on their bill to cap their increase at a lower rate.

On another topic, Altice says it’s upgrading its music service to Stingray, which the company says will offer its customers an enhanced musical experience. The music choice audio channels no longer will be available to Suddenlink residential and commercial customers.