Trenton resident creates “Blessing Box” to assist with needs of others

Blessing Box Final

A box with canned goods, food, and other items donated by local residents is available in Trenton to anyone in need.

The “Blessing Box” is located in the parking lot of the Senior Benefit Services at 1039 Oklahoma Avenue and is accessible at any time.

Individuals can take items they need from the blue box for free with no questions asked and residents are able to leave goods in the box. There is a slide lock on the box to keep the door closed and protect items from the elements. Individuals are asked to slide the lock back when done taking or donating items.

Anyone who has a large number of items to donate or would like to donate but cannot or does not want to drive to the Blessing Box can call or text Danielle Knapp at 660-654-3077. She can pick up items and put them inside the box.

Danielle Knapp says her husband Wes Knapp built the box, with items to make the box purchased from Grundy County Lumber and Grand River Press making the sign.