Trenton resident arrested on multiple allegations

Trenton Missouri Police Department (TPD)

A Trenton resident has been arrested on warrants accusing him of failure to appear in court on previous charges. Twenty-year-old Nathan Wayne Hinkle was arrested on Sunday.

Hinkle failed to appear in Division One of Circuit Court on October 16th for a probation violation hearing. The original charges involve two counts of stealing from August 31st of 2019. One count was for stealing a firearm and the other involved stealing multiple items from as many as ten persons. Bond is $9,500 with a ten percent cash deposit allowed. Hinkle is to appear in Division One of the Circuit Court on March 11th.

Hinkle also was arrested for a November 10th incident allegedly involving a minor purchasing or attempt to purchase alcohol or being a minor in possession – second or subsequent offense. Bond on this charge is $270.