Trenton police report accident at 17th Street and Harris Avenue

Accident-Crash graphic
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The Trenton Police Department has released information about an accident involving two sport utility vehicles on June 11. One driver received assistance from emergency services.

Emergency services attended to 26-year-old Michaela Jo Michalski of Columbia at the accident site at 17th Street and Harris Avenue. She was released and drove away from the scene. The other driver was 89-year-old Robert Herh of Trenton. Police Officer Laura Andal reported that Herh denied needing medical attention.

Michalski’s SUV traveled south on Harris Avenue and stopped at a stop sign. The vehicle then proceeded through the four-way intersection. Michalski reportedly believed there was a stop sign for each direction of traffic. Herh’s SUV traveled east on 17th Street before Michalski’s vehicle hit it in the driver’s side door.

No citations were issued, and no vehicles were towed from the scene.

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