Trenton police: failure to yield leads to two-vehicle crash, citation

Accident-Crash graphic
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The Trenton Police Department released details regarding a two-vehicle crash on May 26, which resulted in both drivers being hospitalized. One of the drivers received a citation.

Sonya Nichole Carpenter, 33, of Trenton, was transported by personal vehicle to Wright Memorial Hospital. Melissa Ruth Applegate, 64, of Columbia, was also taken to Wright Memorial Hospital.

Police Officer Jon Chandler reported that Carpenter was driving a pickup truck west on 28th Street when she stopped at a stop sign. Carpenter observed one vehicle pass before crossing Highway 65. Applegate saw the pickup truck crossing the highway and reportedly attempted to stop her car. The pickup truck struck the car, causing it to skid off the pavement and into a light pole on the right side of the road.

Carpenter’s pickup was removed from the scene by her, and the car was towed.

Carpenter received a citation for failure to yield.

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