Trenton Police Department responds to reported attempt to entice child with candy

Trenton Police Department

Shortly after 3 o’clock on Tuesday afternoon, officers with the Trenton Police Department responded to 4th and Kitty street in regard to an individual attempting to entice a child into a home with candy.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers contacted the victim and the victim’s mother. The child told police officers that while walking from the bus stop, they were approached by a man described to be an older white male, wearing glasses who was in his 50’s to 60s, wearing denim coveralls and having a gray beard. The man was approximately 5’10 to 5’ 11” in height with a stocky build.

The man was purported to be standing in a nearby yard, who then allegedly offered the victim candy in exchange for going into a house. The victim identified the residence in question, but further investigation by officers revealed that no one in the residence matched the description of the man.

Officers canvased the area but noted nothing out of the ordinary, including any unusual subjects.

Chief Tommy Wright reports that the department continues to investigate the incident, requesting that people remain vigilant and on the look-out for an individual that matches the description. The department has made the bus company and the Trenton R-9 School District aware of the incident.

Anyone having information is encouraged to contact the Trenton Police Department by calling 660-359-5557.

Randall Mann

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