Trenton Police Department reports an increase of 94 nuisance incidents during 2022

Nuisance Graphic re-edit

The Trenton Police Department reports there were 198 nuisance incidents filed for 2022, which is an increase of 94 reports compared to 2021.

A nuisance summary indicates the greatest number of complaints for 2022 involved grass and weeds with 105 incidents. There were 73 incidents involving trash and debris, 17 unregistered vehicles, and three incidents involving the open storage of a disabled vehicle.

Thirty-nine incidents were active, 104 had been cleared, and 54 were to be prosecuted. There were six nuisance-related cases on the court docket.

So far, in 2023, as of January 23rd, the Trenton Police Department reports five nuisance incidents were filed, which is an increase of one compared to what was reported through January 24, 2022

All of this year’s complaints involved unregistered vehicles and were all active. There were five nuisance-related cases on the court docket.