Trenton Police Department reminds residents of ordinance relating to nuisances

Trenton Police Department

The Trenton Police Department would like to remind the community that grass must be kept less than 8 inches tall. This includes all areas of your property which are listed as city right of way, ditches, sidewalk, guttering, and even steep inclines on the property.

Below is an excerpt from the ordinance: 220.020, 

“Any lot or land shall be a public nuisance if it has the presence of debris of any kind, including, but not limited to, weed cuttings, cut and fallen trees and shrubs, overgrown vegetation and noxious weeds which are eight (8) inches or more in height, rubbish and trash, building materials not piled or stacked, rocks or bricks, tin, steel, parts of derelict cars or trucks, broken furniture, any flammable material which may endanger public safety or any material which is unhealthy or unsafe and declared to be a public nuisance.

1. This shall include all property located on or in a City or State right-of-way, including, but not limited to, the area between the property line and the back of the curb or edge of the pavement.”