Trenton Police Department reminds registered sex offenders “No Halloween Activities”

Sex Offender

On this Halloween, the Trenton Police Department reminds those who reside in the City of Trenton and are required to register as Sex Offenders, that they cannot participate in any Halloween activities involving children.

Police Chief Tommy Wright says officers will be monitoring Halloween activities and will document and potentially arrest offenders for violations of the ordinance.  

 The ordinance states in part that any person required to register as a sexual offender under state laws shall be required on October 31 to:

  1. Avoid all Halloween-related contact with children;
  2. Remain inside his or her residence between the hours of 5:00 P.M. and 10:30 P.M. unless required to be elsewhere for just cause including, but not limited to, employment or medical emergencies;
  3. Post a sign at his or her residence stating “No candy or treats at this residence,”
  4. Leave all outside residential lighting off after 5:00 PM.

Officers of the Trenton Police Department will be monitoring activities of registered sex offenders  and will document and potentially arrest offenders for violations of this ordinance.

Those interested can find a list of all registered sex offenders with addresses, by going to the Missouri Highway Patrol’s sex offender registry and either search for a specific individual, or a specific town.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact Chief Wright at 660-359-5557 or via his email at [email protected].