Trenton Police Department releases information on big rig hitting stop sign at intersection of 22nd Street and Pleasant Plain

Trenton Missouri Police Department (TPD)

The Trenton Police Department has released information about a semi-truck with one unit hitting a stop sign at 22nd Street and Pleasant Plain on June 3rd. No injuries were reported for the driver, 77-year-old James Gruver of Kansas City.

Officer Keith Edmonston reports Gruver drove the semi into a residential area following a GPS while attempting to locate the Coca-Cola distributor. The truck traveled west on 22nd before attempting to turn right onto Pleasant Plain, in accordance with the GPS.  The 53-foot trailer made contact with the lower left quadrant of the stop sign, which caused the sign to catch on the trailer in the area of the hinges of the doors. The sign and its pole were bent.

Edmonston says Gruver continued to the distributor to clear the road of the semi. The officer spoke to the driver and conducted the investigation at the distributor.

No damage was reported for the trailer, and there was no other property damage. According to the Trenton Street Department, the cost of replacing the stop sign will be $80.94.