Trenton Police Department officer Seth Rorebeck awarded Distinguished Service Medal

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In an announcement today, Chief Tommy Wright of the Trenton Police Department has awarded the Trenton Police Department 2nd highest honor, the Distinguished Service Medal, to Officer Seth Rorebeck

Here is an excerpt from the award presentation that was attended by Rorebeck and his family on Thursday, April 7th, 2016.

“Officer Rorebeck is recognized for his outstanding judgment during a pedestrian check in which Officer Rorebeck was confronted by a male with a knife who was threatening suicide. During the call, the suicidal subject with the knife advanced towards Officer Rorebeck, and shouted for the officer to shoot him. Officer Rorebeck continued in a cool and composed manner, eventually calming the subject and taking him into custody without further incident.

Officer Rorebeck’s actions distinguish him in the eyes of his peers and his community. It is for these reasons that I, Chief Tommy Wright, nominate Officer Rorebeck for the Distinguished Service Medal and the Award Committee confers the nomination and awards the Distinguished Service Medal.”

Chief Wright encourages anyone who observes a Trenton Police Officer who goes over and above the call of duty to contact him so that the officer can receive recognition for it.

Trenton Police Department officer Seth Rorebeck awarded Distinguished Service Medal


1. “The Distinguished Service award is given to an employee for a highly unusual accomplishment under adverse conditions with some degree of hazard of life or limb to the employee or where imminent death or injury to a third party was prevented.”


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