Trenton Police Department handles 1,045 calls in April

Trenton Missouri Police Department (TPD)
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The Trenton Police Department responded to 1,045 calls for service and self-initiated activities in April.

Monthly statistics show officers conducted 91 traffic stops, made 79 field interview contacts, and completed 78 incident/offense reports. Officers also issued 57 citations/summons, gave 47 warnings for traffic violations, collected 20 pounds of unwanted prescriptions, filed 16 criminal charges from arrests, completed 11 motor vehicle crash reports, and arrested eight suspects.

The communications center answered 1,101 non-emergency telephone calls and 229 emergency telephone calls. There were 95 walk-in subjects.

Animal control handled 13 animal complaints in April, gave eight verbal warnings, conducted seven animal welfare checks, and impounded 13 canines and one feline. Animal control also investigated one animal bite.

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