Trenton Police Department arrests Chillicothe man

Suspect in Handcuffs

The Trenton Police Department arrested a Chillicothe man on multiple charges.

The Grundy County Sheriff’s Office reports 36-year-old Bryce Allen Lee Baker was arrested for the misdemeanors of fourth-degree domestic assault—first or second offense, driving while intoxicated, peace disturbance—first offense, first-degree trespassing, and second-degree harassment.

His bond is $12,000 cash only, and he is scheduled for the associate division of circuit court September 26th.

Court documents accuse Baker of purposely placing an adult family or household member in the apprehension of immediate physical injury by intimidating and frightening the person in a public restaurant as well as causing a disturbance which caused the person emotional distress.

Documents also accuse him of operating a motor vehicle on East 10th Street while under the influence, disturbing the peace of employees and others with disorderly conduct, and remaining on property at 3027 East 10th Street at Dino’s Diner even though there was a notice against trespassing.