Trenton Planning and Zoning Commission to convene August 6th

Planning and zoning

Public hearings are scheduled first Monday of August at Trenton City Hall on two requests, one of them involves a proposed change in zoning.

Trenton Planning and Zoning Commission will consider a request from Todd Grooms, in care of Tim and Laura Bland, for a conditional use permit. The request is to allow a business at 1242 Tinsman Avenue to be converted into a single-family dwelling.

The board of adjustments will consider a request for a zoning variance on property at 1706 Pleasant Plain. The request is from Jolene King, in care of Larry and Martha Thrun which seeks a 13-foot variance on the front yard setback requirement of 25 feet to allow for a carport at the residence.

The public hearings are August 6th at Trenton City Hall beginning at 7 o’clock that evening.