Trenton Planning and Zoning Commission discuss city code pertaining to medical marijuana

Planning and zoning

The Trenton Board of Adjustments and Planning and Zoning Commission held public hearings Monday night.

Trenton Deputy City Clerk Tracy Maberry reports the Board of Adjustments approved, four to zero, Phil and Connie Hoffman’s request for a 480 square foot variance on the maximum requirement of 720 square feet on an accessory structure to allow for a 12 hundred square foot garage to be built at 161 South Main Street. Maberry says no further action is needed.

The Planning and Zoning Commission discussed proposed text amendments to city code pertaining to zoning district regulations governing medical marijuana uses in Trenton. Maberry reports three ordinances were prepared regarding medical marijuana facilities, definition, and an amendment to the table of permissible uses.

Two of four individuals present spoke on using medical marijuana and why they use it. A representative from Green Clinics of Kansas City also presented information about the clinics and the doctors in the clinics regulating medical marijuana.

Maberry says the ordinances regarding medical marijuana will go on to the Trenton City Council for further approval.