Trenton Planning and Zoning Commission approves two requests from Orscheln Farm and Home

Planning and zoning

The Trenton Planning and Zoning Commission discussed, then voted to approve, two requests involving development of vacant land at 28th Street and Highway 65 as a future location for a new Orscheln’s Farm and Home store.

The requests were for a conditional use permit and a final plat. Both were approved by the five members present and both requests advance to consideration by the Trenton City Council.

Some citizens at the public hearing last evening voiced concerns regarding storm drainage, the proposed extension of Park Lane to 28th Street, and the establishment of a buffer adjacent to existing household properties. City Administrator Ron Urton said a representative with Crockett Engineering explained that detention basins and site grading will be used to keep the rate of surface water run-off from the development equal to the rate of run-off from the existing site.

While the plat shows a right of way connection to the existing Park Lake, Urton quoted the engineer as saying there are no plans to construct a new street all the way through to the existing street. It also was noted the Orschlen’s plat has a ten-foot buffer of trees adjacent to existing homes as required by Trenton zoning ordinances. The plat shows three parcels, two of which could be developed for future business.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mike Ormsby was elected as the new secretary replacing Roger Hawkins who resigned. Ormsby then presided during the hearings.

Other members present were Tom Stickler, Chris Betz, Dave Mlika, & Linda Crooks.