Trenton Planning and Zoning Commission approves requests

Planning and zoning

Two requests were heard last night by the Trenton Planning and Zoning Commission which held public hearings at city hall.

Earl Nance, in care of Justin Collins, sought a change in zoning and a conditional use permit that could lead to operation of a food business at 1115 Shanklin Avenue in Trenton. Planning and Zoning members recommended approval of both requests. In favor were Larry Leininger, Jean Peace, Dave Mlika, and Doctor Nick McHargue. The requests move on to the Trenton City Council which will consider them via ordinances. The proposal on the Shanklin Avenue property is to change the zoning from heavy industrial to mixed use.

The planning and zoning commission had just enough voting members for a quorum as four of the seven attended. However, the Trenton Board of Adjustments last night did not have enough voting members to have a quorum. Just two of the five members were present for what was to have been public hearings on requests for variances. They were Larry Leininger and Jean Peace. City officials noted Councilman Mlika and Mayor McHargue are not voting members for the board of adjustments.

The requests for variances will be re-advertised at the expense of the city. Another date and time will be announced for hearings on variances requested by Gilbert Lynn McVay, Robert and Janet Akin, and by Morse and Sons Properties.

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