Trenton Park Board votes to remove parking lot next to Grimes Field and make a walking trail

Moberly Park Trenton Missouri

The Trenton Park Board voted the evening of Wednesday, September 9th to take out the parking lot by Grimes Field, make a walking trail, and create a narrow west drive. The only board member who voted against the matter was Curtis Crawford.

The estimated cost of materials for the project is $4,410. That includes 63 tons of asphalt. Putting in a new road tube and bands along the area near the street is estimated to cost $2,117.86.

Board President Duane Helmandollar noted the west drive would be narrowed to about half of the size it is now.

Two other options were also discussed. One was fixing the parking lot and putting it back like it is. That was estimated to cost $20,300 and use 290 tons of asphalt. The other option was taking out the parking lot and making a walking trail. That was estimated to be $5,390 and use 77 tons of asphalt.

Board President Duane Helmandollar reported work on the parking lot by Grimes Field was previously put into the budget, but the lot was in worse shape than originally thought. He said there is lots of deterioration, and it is in poor shape.

Park Superintendent David Shockley reported painting has been done at the press box at Burleigh Grimes and the pool. Tables have been updated at Burleigh Grimes. He is waiting on white paint to arrive to touch up some areas at the pool.

The concrete between the main pool and slides has been patched. It will also be painted once the white paint arrives.

Shockley reported he ordered a bird repellent system to install near Five Points to repel birds from trees above benches at Sesquicentennial Park. Board Member Gary Schuett said birds are creating a mess. He has been looking into ways to scare away birds without harming them.

Mid-States Services has installed wifi at Burleigh Grimes and Griffin fields to make it possible for live-streaming some high school and North Central Missouri College games.

The Trenton Park Board went into a closed session to discuss personnel.