Trenton Park Board votes to increase pay rate for pool staff

Moberly Park Trenton Missouri

The Trenton Park Board voted at a special meeting on May 14th to raise pay for pool staff. It was also announced the Trenton Family Aquatic Center’s target opening date is May 29th.

The pool manager pay will be $12 per hour, and the assistant manager pay will be $10.25 per hour. Lifeguards will be paid $9 per hour. Trenton City Clerk Cindy Simpson previously reported the city is exempt from the minimum wage law. Missouri’s minimum wage is $10.30 per hour.

A training stipend will be offered of $75 per year for two years, $150 total if a staff member works all this year and next year. The pool manager will have a point system, and minimum expectations will have to be met. The pool manager is Taylor Richman, and the assistants are Sara and Carly Spencer.

Another training is planned for non-certified lifeguards. The training will likely be at the pool in Trenton. Non-certified individuals can still apply to be lifeguards.

Park Board Vice President and Pool Committee Chairperson Andy Cox reported six applications have been submitted so far for lifeguards. With the manager and assistant managers, there are nine staff members. It was previously reported the pool needs to have 11 to be fully staffed.

The board also voted on pool admission rates. Daily rates will remain the same at $5 for individuals ages two through 54. Children less than two will be free. Attendees at least 55 will cost $2.50. Non-swimmers are $1.

There are increases in the prices for season passes. A single-person pass will be $110, and a season pass for a family of four will be $225. Two additional members can be added to the family pass for $60 each. Senior and lap swim season passes will be $25.

Two-hour pool parties will cost $300. It was noted pool parties are usually held from 6:30 to 8:30 at night.

Swimming lessons will be held if there are enough lifeguards. The lessons will cost $35 for level one and $55 for level two through six. Level one is a four-day session, and levels two through six are eight-day sessions.

The target opening date of May 29th is pending if there are enough lifeguards with certification complete. Hours will remain from 1 to 6 o’clock each day. Lap swimming will be from noon to 1 o’clock.

Park Board President Duane Helmandollar readdressed shutting down sections of the pool if it is not fully staffed. He said the slides take two lifeguards, and they would likely not be shut down all day if they were closed. Lifeguards could rotate if they needed.