Trenton Park Board votes to allow Trenton R-9 district a discus throwing area

Moberly Park Trenton Missouri

The Trenton Park Board voted Wednesday evening to allow the Trenton R-9 School District to construct a concrete chain link fenced area for discus throwing.

The location is to be determined in consultation with Park Superintendent Jason Shuler. Park Board President Duane Helmandollar said the school district currently uses a concrete pad with netting on the back and wanted to have a more permanent location east of the Ebbe bathrooms. The school district would be in charge of most of the upkeep for the discus throwing area, and the structure could also possibly be used for softball. Helmandollar said he did not think there would be any problems with parking in the area.

Shuler is to put out bids for border supplies and fence material for the ADA playground at Eastside Park. He said the materials needed for the playground border could be about $4,000, and the Park Department is not to spend more than $2,500 for a purchase without bidding out.

The Trenton Rotary Club purchased handicapped-accessible swings for the playground, and the Park Department has received an additional swing frame to accommodate a wheelchair swing. The fall zone area has been excavated, holes have been dug for the swing frame, and the swing frame has been braced. The next step is the installation of sand and fall material and fencing off the area.

A large oak tree died at Moberly Park, several rows of maple trees were planted at Lake Park, and tree guards were put around trees at Moberly and Lake parks. Fall tree planting is complete for this year, and there may be a few trees to plant in the spring. Nursery plants, aquatic centers, the irrigation system, outside bathrooms, and water fountains have been winterized and closed.

The Park Department has started changing oil and servicing equipment. Snow plows were one of the first things serviced.

A load of gravel was put by the main fairgrounds entrance on Oklahoma Avenue during the festival due to wet ground.

Helmandollar noted the Facilities Committee may meet next week, but a date had not yet been set.