Trenton Park Board reviews potential budget items for 2021-2022 budget

Moberly Park Trenton Missouri

The Trenton Park Board went over potential park budget items for the 2021-2022 budget on Wednesday evening, January 13th. The items are at the swimming pool, Moberly Park, the Park Shop Building, Gladys Grimes Park, Burleigh Grimes, Van Meter Park, and Eastside Park. President Duane Helmandollar the next step is to find out how much the items would cost.

The potential park budget items at the pool include repairing a dumpster bin and diving board fall protection. At Moberly Park, items include replacing trash bins, repairing a dugout, stump removal, new backboards, and removal of the light by the flag pole.

Shop Building items are a concrete parking area and sidewalk and spray foam for the shop addition. Helmandollar noted the concrete parking area and sidewalk were in the budget last year, but they were not done due to former Park Superintendent Jason Shuler’s leaving.

Gladys Grimes Park items include a playground border, replacing the flagpole and concrete pad, pea graveling the playground, and replacing a swing set. Helmandollar said the playground is in good shape, but the swing is outdated.

The parking lot on the first base side with a tube is on the list at Burleigh Grimes. Painting the outside walls of the concession stand/press box is another item.

For Van Meter Park, items include a playground border to keep fall material inside, pea graveling inside the playground, and adding a metal sign on the existing concrete sign.

Potential budget items for Eastside Park include sign replacement and resealing the walking trail. Helmandollar noted the sign displaying the name of the park is not in good shape. Park Superintendent David Shockley reported the last time the trail was resealed was in the fall of 2017, and it cost about $6,000. Helmandollar said most of the trail was holding up well, but he thinks it would be good to see if any areas of it need to be replaced.

Shockley reported the Park Department has removed snow at the safety complex, airport, walking trail, Eastside parking lot, Rock Barn area, and the parking lots at upper and lower Moberly Park.

The Park Department is changing the oil and servicing its equipment.

The Red Twig Dogwood bushes west of the Park Shop have been trimmed.

Shockley noted not all trees at Moberly have been removed that are supposed to be. Helmandollar said he thought the Park Department should go out to bed for stump removal.