Trenton Park Board Pool Committee reviews staff, rates and policies

Trenton Family Aquatic Center
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The Trenton Park Board Pool Committee reviewed pool staff, rates, policies, and projects on January 17. The committee will recommend certain matters to the Park Board.

One matter to be recommended is an increase in pay for pool employees.

The base pay would increase by 25 cents per hour to $11 per hour for first-year employees. Returning employees would receive a 25-cent per hour increase for each additional year. This means second-year employees would receive $11.25 per hour, and third-year employees would get $11.50 per hour.

Pay for assistant managers, the manager, and non-lifeguards would also increase by 25 cents per hour. Assistant managers would be paid $12.75 per hour, the manager would get $14.50 per hour, and non-lifeguards would receive $10 per hour.

Pool Committee Chairperson Andy Cox reported that the city does not have to pay minimum wage for pool employees. Missouri’s minimum wage is $12.30 per hour.

Park Superintendent David Shockley reported he believed Trenton’s pool employee pay was close to or slightly better than Chillicothe’s pool employee pay last year.

Information provided at the meeting indicated $65,000 was budgeted last year for part-time pool employee wages. Of that amount, $4,568.62 was not spent last year.

Cox said raising the employee pay by 25 cents per hour would not exceed last year’s budgeted amount. It would also be closer to the minimum wage. Shockley noted the amount budgeted for wages could be increased.

The Pool Committee also wants to continue the stipend of $75 per year for two years for returning employees, totaling $150. This would help pay for lifeguard certification. Cox noted a certification class has been $150 and held in Princeton in the past.

Shockley mentioned he had not yet received applications for pool manager. However, he said applications usually do not come in until April.

The Pool Committee wants to keep pool rates the same as last season.

Last year, season passes were $120 for a single person and $235 for a family of four. Up to two additional people could be added to the family pass at $60 each. Senior and lap swimmer season passes were $30 each.

Daily admission was $7 for swimmers aged three to 64 years, $4 for swimmers aged at least 65, and $1 for non-swimmers. Children aged two and younger were admitted for free.

Shockley said he believed season passes did not sell as well last year and more daily passes were bought. He suggested people did not frequent the pool much until part-way through the season and proposed introducing a monthly pass.

Cox suggested a special offer or discount for a pass in June or halfway through the season.

The Pool Committee will also recommend to the Park Board that the pool stay open unless there is inclement weather, or the water is not at the proper temperature. The pool would not be closed early due to low attendance.

Shockley said if there was no inclement weather forecast, the pool should remain open, even if few swimmers are present.

Park Board President Curtis Crawford mentioned he heard from someone upset about the pool closing for the day due to stormy morning weather, only for it to be sunny in the afternoon. He suggested deciding on pool closure due to inclement weather closer to the opening time.

Shockley reported he had bids out for pool concrete repair and repainting of the entire pool. The deadline for bid submission is February 5. He noted that epoxy paint costs about $100 per gallon.

Cox recalled the last pool repainting was in 2015 or 2016. He mentioned there were issues with the paint not adhering properly, requiring the pool to close for repainting.

Shockley is waiting on a floatable for the pool ordered several months ago and mentioned ordering another one this year for shipment next year. He added that lounge chairs need maintenance, but nothing inside the Trenton Family Aquatic Center building requires immediate replacement.

The other Pool Committee members, Derek Miller and Beth Mack, attended the meeting, along with Assistant Park Superintendent Shaun McCullough.

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