Trenton Park Board meets, discusses summer ball program

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The Trenton Park Board has voted to not charge the Green Hills Recreation Association rent for use of the ball fields at Moberly and Ray Van Meter Parks this year.  Park Board President Duane Helmandollar noted the newly-formed Recreation Association is “strapped for funds” this year.  He added that he appreciates what the association is doing.  The Park Department will pay the Green Hills Recreation Association to run the concession stands at ball games, with the amount to be determined after researching what the Park Department paid for those services in 2015.  The Park Department will be in charge of stocking the concession stands.

Green Hills Recreation Association President Scott Blair, and Cara McClellan, representing a concessions and fund-raising committee for the summer youth ball programs, were among people attending the Park Board Meeting.  Blair said the association wants to have a strong relationship with the Park Board.  He will be attending future Park Board Meetings, and he mentioned the importance of creating a plan for field usage.  Blair will be in contact with, or attend meetings of a Park Board committee involved in rules and regulations for Trenton ball fields.  Blair recognized the work of Robert Shields, who organized a public meeting that led to the formation of the recreation association, and the development of the summer youth ball program.  Shields is overseeing a coaches committee for the ball program.  He, and another coach, Adam McAtee, attended the Park Board meeting and participated in the discussion, including that relating to liability insurance.  About 40 minutes was spent, at the opening of Wednesday night’s meeting, discussing the insurance issue.

Blair and McClellan, who both work in the insurance industry, joined Trenton City Attorney Tara Walker in the liability insurance discussion.  The Park Board decided to require teams participating in organized sports to provide proof at at least $1,000,000 of liability insurance coverage before park facilities can be used.  It was noted that most organized teams have insurance, and Green Hills Recreation Association teams are to be insured.


Discussion regarding liability coverage for other users of park facilities is expected by the Park Board in the future.  

In other action, the Park Board voted to allow a youth summer soccer club to use park grounds at no cost again this summer.  The Park Department will provide paint and labor for marking the fields.  The soccer club has games on Sundays during June.  The cost of the paint is approximately $250.00.  There was some support expressed at the Park Board meeting to require the club to pay for the paint, since other sports have a usage charge.  However, Co-President of the soccer club, Linda Cowling, indicated the soccer program only has slightly over $300.00, not even enough to purchase the four nets it needs.  She expressed reluctance to increasing the $25.00 charge to players, since they play just four games.  The soccer organization pays for referees and insurance.

Mrs. Cowling expressed interest in the soccer program being involved in the Green Hills Recreation Association in the future.  President Blair said they needed to talk further.  Shana Norris of the soccer program also attended the Wednesday night Park Board meeting.

In other news from the meeting, the Park Department’s Pool Committee has been given authority to provide swimming pool passes as prizes at S.M. Rissler Elementary School.  Superintendent Jason Shuler said the disc golf course planned for Moberly Park will be installed when weather permits.  He also gave updates on the addition to the shop building and Rock Barn restroom renovations.  Shuler, and Assistant Park Superintendent Don Kennedy, attended the Missouri Parks and Recreation Association Conference last month in Columbia.  Shuler reported they had “great training classes on current events and issues facing the industry”.

It was also announced at the Park Board meeting that the Missouri PI Master sorority has donated $100.00 toward handicapped playground equipment.

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