Trenton Park Board explores the use of security cameras

Moberly Park Trenton Missouri

The Trenton Park Board discussed security cameras at a meeting Wednesday evening.

Member Gary Schuett did some research into security cameras from Blink. He said he has some installed at his home. Schuett reported one camera with a module to connect to the internet costs about $119. Three cameras are about $329. He thinks it would be beneficial for two or three cameras to be installed at the Aquatic Center and one or two at the shop to deter vandalism.

The Park Department might even receive a discount on insurance if security cameras were installed. The cameras can be armed and disarmed from a cell phone, and “instantaneous” notifications can be sent to the phone. Schuett noted the system even sends a notification if batteries are running low and need to be replaced. Information from the cameras can be stored on a program on a cell phone. It could also be pulled up on a computer if an app is installed. Schuett said the program is password-protected. The cameras must be within a couple hundred feet from an internet source to work.

Park Superintendent Jason Shuler mentioned that the internet is turned off at the pool during the off-season, but it could be left on as there is a monthly fee for the pool internet. Park Board President Duane Helmandollar said he wanted to “explore” the possibility of having a hardwired system before making a decision. Schuett said he would talk with tech services about whether hackers could get into the department’s system since Blink is wireless.

Helmandollar reported that he talked to the city attorney about privacy acts and said there is nothing specific about security cameras. The Park Department should “just be careful” of where the cameras are put. People wanting to view camera footage might be subject to paying a fee.

Superintendent Shuler reported that he spoke to Bob Landis from Bomar about the repairing of the pool floatable walkway. The company is finishing sanding and will start applying top-coat layers. A representative from Miracle said the new playground unit for Moberly Park should arrive Thursday. The Park Department will install the equipment this fall, weather permitting.

Work is being done at bathrooms in several parks. Shuler reported aluminum framework for stall dividers has been installed at Burleigh Grimes. New steel bathroom doors were installed at Lake Park. One new door was installed at the 12th Street bathrooms. Outside bathrooms at Upper Moberly, Lake, Van Meter, 12th Street, Burleigh Grimes, and Ebbe have been closed and winterized.

Shuler said two Redbud memorial trees were planted by Trenton High School. Three thornless Locust trees were planted at Lake Park. The six-foot chain link fence on the south side of the south basketball court at Eastside Park has been replaced. Dirt and mold have been cleaned off the concrete on the same court.

Concrete around the catch basin at the Eastside Park parking lot has also been removed. Shuler reported that half-inch rebar has been installed, and new concrete was poured. He noted the basin did not have rebar before.