Trenton Park Board busy with a multitude of topics at latest meeting

There will be a 13-hundred dollar pay increase for Park Superintendent Jason Shuler and Assistant Park Superintendent Don Kennedy.

Salaries in next fiscal year: Shuler $46,244 Kennedy $28,340

The board also approved 25 cent per hour increases in compensation for returning part-time personnel and returning lifeguards.

As a result, a budget presented to the board will need to be revised. Before those increases, the budget for the fiscal year beginning may 1st had estimated revenues surpassing spending by nearly 12-thousand dollars.

Anticipated revenues were slightly over 564-thousand dollars. Estimated expenditures were about 286-thousand in the park division and approximately 266-thousand dollars for the pool. Nearly 58 percent of the anticipated pool expenditures were for a payment on the aquatic center financing. The payment exceeds 153-thousand dollars. The rest of the pool expenses total about 113-thousand dollars.

The park department had a fund balance of nearly 248-thousand dollars as of the end of February.

Possible expenditures in the upcoming fiscal year include work on the multipurpose trail, purchasing two mowers, but also selling two existing mowers, a water fountain for Moberly Park, continued work on the shop building, and building a container for infield material at Burleigh Grimes Field.

Green Hills Recreation Association Vice President Taya Ray attended the park board meeting and asked for previously announced field usage fees and a concession stand agreement to be put in writing for budgeting purposes. Among numerous figures Ms. Ray gave regarding this summer’s softball, baseball, and T-ball programs, there are 367 participants.

The park board agreed to allow field usage charges be paid at the end of this season to help Green Hills Recreation Association with its first year cash flow.

The board is not charging the association for use of Van Meter and upper and lower Moberly ball fields this year, a value around 15-hundred dollars.

The usage fees for Mark Griffin Memorial, Johnson, and Burleigh Grimes fields are 25 dollars a game, described as less than half of the preparation costs.

Board President Duane Helmandollar praised Green Hills Recreation Association for doing a lot in a short period of time.

Ms. Ray discussed a pitch, hit, and run competition and a junior home run derby, both for youths, on April 30th at Ebbe Sports Complex. Both events are free and affiliated with Major League Baseball. Pitch, hit, and run is for those children seven through fourteen. The Junior Home Run Derby is for youths ages 12 through 14. More information is on the Green hills Recreation Association website, along with a calendar showing ball field reservations.

The park board agreed to provide 25 daily swimming pool passes for a Summer reading program at Grundy County Jewett Norris Library.

The board agreed to allow the swimming pool to be used June 28th from 9 in the morning until 12:30 in the afternoon For a Gallatin Summer school party. The minimum charge for the three and one half hour period is 500 dollars. The charge per person is two dollars 50 cents. It was noted the park departments’ labor cost for three and one half hours exceeds 300 dollars for eleven life guards and a pool manager.

The board agreed to keep the field usage charges at 250 dollars for competitive softball teams and 150 dollars for church league teams. That’s for the season. They receive

A 50 dollar discount for running the concession stand.

The competitive teams play more games than the church league squads. The charges include an end of the season tournament. The competitive and church softball teams are required to provide insurance this season.

In a separate vote, the park board agreed to charge 100 dollars per field each day of a tournament. That includes one marking.

The park board approved the low bid for metal for the shop building. It came from Grundy County Lumber at slightly over 29-hundred dollars. It was the lowest of two bids received. It’s for the walls and roof.

Rock Barn restroom renovations are 75 percent completed.

Disc golf course installation at Moberly Park is to take place when the weather permits. Some brush clearing was needed at the north end of the park.

Bids are to be sought for a water fountain at Moberly Park.

A swing and merry-go-round at Moberly Park are to be removed because they do not meet insurance specifications.

The cost for a replacement swing was to be sought.

The park board received a thank you card from the Trenton Kiwanis Club for use of Moberly Park for the Easter egg hunt.

Randall Mann

Randall has been with KTTN/KGOZ for almost 20 years. He is the current Engineer for all of the stations, as well as working "on-air" from 6 to 10, am in the morning. Randall does a bit of everything including producing advertisements as well as writing the occasional news article. Randall is also the current Webmaster for the studio as well as the local graphic artist.

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