Trenton Park Board approves deficit budget for fiscal year 2021-2022

Moberly Park Trenton Missouri

The Trenton Park Board approved the 2021-2022 budget on April 7th. The budget includes total anticipated expenditures of $571,504.55 and total expected revenues of $529,600. That leaves a projected deficit of $41,904.55.

The anticipated expenditures for 2021-2022 are up by $726.64 from the current Park Budget. Expected revenues are down $5,500 from the current budget.

The projected expenses include increases in salaries. Park Board President Duane Helmandollar reported the board discussed salaries in a closed session at the beginning of the meeting. He said Park Superintendent David Shockley’s salary will be $42,640 for the year, which is $1.55 per hour more. Assistant Superintendent Hunter Trask will receive $1 an hour more at $14 per hour plus 50 cents extra if he passes a commercial driver’s license test. Board Recording Secretary Dawn Griffith will be paid every month whether or not the board meets. It was reported when she was hired that she would be paid $35 per meeting.

Projected expenses include part-time wages for the Park Department remaining at $22,000 and capital expenditures of $57,990, which is an increase of $10,354. Capital expenditures include projects at the pool, the Park Shop Building, and Moberly, Gladeys Grimes, Burleigh Grimes, Van Meter, and Eastside parks.

Pool expenses budgeted total $272,462.30. Those include $60,000 for part-time wages and $145,254 for aquatic center payment.

Anticipated revenues for 2021-2022 include $3,000 in ballpark user fees, $9,200 in ball field concessions, $11,000 in pool concessions, $56,000 in pool receipts, $2,500 in Rock Barn rent, $2,400 in shelter house rent, and $350,000 in sales tax revenue. All of those amounts were the same for the current Park Budget.

The board approved moving $1,000 to be used for the Trenton High School tennis courts from a donation by Lisa Guy for the Moberly Park tennis courts. That was after Helmandollar explained the THS tennis courts have been renovated, and he was asked if the money could be moved to and used for the high school project.

Park Board Vice President Andy Cox reported applications are still being accepted for pool manager, assistant manager, and lifeguards. Helmandollar said the Park Department was in “desperate need” of lifeguards.

Cox noted a lot of individuals have signed up for a life-saving certification class. He explained applicants do not have to have passed their life-saving certification at the time they apply. They should have their certification by the time they start as lifeguards.

Cox said he has received questions about pool passes being donated for events. Helmandollar said the Park Department does not usually do that.

Shockley reported the Scouts will clean the pool of leaves and debris on April 17th. The cleaning is for community service hours. He noted the cleaning is usually done annually, but the Scouts did not do it last year.

Shockley said Doug Doughty with the Chillicothe Mudcats reached out to schedule a game at Burleigh Grimes this summer. The game is scheduled for June 9th.

A keypad has been installed for coaches to get into storage instead of handing out keys. Shockley explained coaches have a pin to get into storage.

The bathrooms have been opened at Van Meter and Upper Moberly.

The Park Department has been mowing fields for about a month and started mowing parks in the last week. Shockley noted everything has been mowed except for Moberly Park, which he hoped to get done April 8th or 9th.