Trenton Park Board approves building of carport; discuss construction of new shelter

Moberly Park Trenton Missouri

The Trenton Park Board, at a special meeting on March 12th, approved the building of an 18 by 20-foot carport at Van Meter Park not to exceed $2,500. The structure would replace a smaller shelter house taken down after its roof was damaged by hail.

Board President Duane Helmandollar reported he got a quote from American Sportsman of Trenton on a carport for $1,740. The quote involved an all-metal building that would be eight feet tall and included installation.  The structure could be installed in three to four weeks and on the concrete pad already at Van Meter Park. Helmandollar said that since the building would be all metal, it would not burn.

He noted that trash cans at Moberly Park were recently set on fire, and a shelter house had been affected; however, the shelter house is “still fully functional.”  Park Board Member Curtis Crawford said he thought a new bigger shelter would be a good idea, and there would be no maintenance.  Park Board City Council Liaison Marvin Humphreys asked if there could be any upgrades made since the quoted price was less than $2,500.  Helmandollar said the building could be 10 feet tall instead of eight.

Humphreys also said the structure should be secured to the ground, otherwise, it could blow in the wind. Helmandollar noted the building would be anchored to the ground.