Trenton Park Board approves agreement with Green Hills Recreation Association

Moberly Park Trenton Missouri

The Trenton Park Board on Wednesday evening approved offering a written agreement with the Green Hills Recreation Association for 2020 regarding park fees.

The offer includes the association running concession stands in exchange for field usage at no cost. There would be a $75 fee when a concession stand is not open. The offer also includes a cut off time of 1 o’clock in the afternoon to cancel a game to allow for field prep time.

Park Board President Duane Helmandollar reported the Park Department was only charging the Green Hills Recreation Association for use of some fields and paying the association for running concession stands. This led to the Park Department owing the group $650.

Park Superintendent Jason Shuler said the first time an agreement was arranged with the association about four years ago, the field prep fee was $51, and now the fee is $70. However, the association has been paying $25 per game at Johnson, Griffin, and Burleigh Grimes and not paying for games at Moberly and VanMeter. There is no special pricing for the group’s tournaments.

Shuler noted the “driving force” behind canceling games is player safety when it comes to field and weather conditions, but he understands how difficult it can be to reschedule games.

The Park Department has been preparing Griffin and Johnson fields for spring softball and baseball. The department turned on the electricity, opened and cleaned the Ebbe bathroom, vacuumed the leaves out of fences, and installed batting cages. Construction will likely start on Thursday on a new discus throwing area by the Ebbe bathrooms.

Sand has been installed in the play area at the ADA playground, and the perimeter fence is being constructed. The fence border and access ramps were delivered. Shuler commented the spikes to hold things together were not delivered, but they were to be sent on Wednesday.

The Park Department helped the Street Department complete the last concrete pour for the new asphalt plant.

Park Board Member Gary Schuett reported he has begun cleaning up Sesquicentennial Park.

The Park Board approved the hiring of two people in a closed session.

Park Superintendent Jason Shuler reports Dawn Griffith was hired as the recording secretary for the Park Board. She is to start at the next meeting and will be paid $35.00 per meeting.

Emily Kasinger was hired as the pool manager. She will start in mid-May and be paid $11.00 per hour.