Trenton Park Board announces new salaries, adjusts meeting schedule

Trenton Park Board News Graphic Final
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The Trenton Park Board on June 5 approved pay for the park superintendent and assistant superintendent and a change of meeting time.

The action involving pay was taken during a closed session held at the start of the meeting. Board President Andy Cox reported Superintendent David Shockley’s pay was set at $59,157, and Assistant Superintendent Shaun McCullough’s was set at $52,000. The rates will be retroactive to May 1, the start of the Park Department’s fiscal year.

Shockley’s pay is equivalent to Level 65, Step 3 of the city’s proposed wage scale. McCullough’s pay is equivalent to Level 60, Step 1.

The wage scale was defeated by the Trenton City Council in April on a split vote. Cox noted it did not matter if the wage scale had not been adopted by the city council, as the Park Board could still use it to base pay for the superintendent and assistant superintendent.

The Park Board approved amending the board’s bylaws and changing the meeting time to the first Tuesday of each month at 5:15 p.m. The change will take effect in July. The vote came after a discussion of board members’ schedules.

Park Board Vice President John Hamilton reported a short ceremony to remember former Park Superintendent Philip Daniels will be at Upper Moberly Park on June 11 at 5:45 p.m. David Burkeybile will provide a sound system.

Hamilton said it was necessary to acknowledge Daniels’s work. A plaque will be displayed at the concession stand at Upper Moberly Park.

Shockley reported the average daily attendance has been 107 at the Trenton pool since it opened. He noted the first weekend’s attendance was lower than last year’s.

Twenty-seven family passes have been sold.

He said there are 13 lifeguards, and the pool is making things work with the staff it has.

A lifeguard certification class will be held at the Trenton pool next week. Shockley commented that about eight to ten people had registered so far.

The superintendent thanked the Trenton Municipal Utilities Electric Department for helping fix the water slide and replace security lights at the pool.

He said the Park Department went through the filter building and bathhouse to fix items that needed attention to be ready for opening day. He mentioned most of the items got done, and there were a few items still to be worked on.

Shockley reported the Green Hills Recreation Association will finish its summer baseball and softball this month. A little league tournament will be held in Trenton on Johnson and Griffin fields next week.

The soccer fields have been marked for the season to start on June 8. The soccer season will go through July.

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