Trenton Municipal Utilities warns customers of phone scam demanding payment

Utility Scam Alert News Graphic
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Trenton Municipal Utilities (TMU), a key utility provider in the City of Trenton, has issued a warning to its customers about fraudulent phone calls. These calls falsely inform customers that their electricity will be disconnected within an hour unless they call a specific 1-833 number and choose option 2 to make a payment.

The City of Trenton clarified that while TMU does notify customers of overdue bills and impending disconnections, it never directs them to an unknown phone number for payment. Additionally, TMU does not mandate that payments be made over the phone.

TMU’s standard practice is to provide customers with a 24 to 48-hour notice for due bills that need attention. These notices are typically sent towards the end of each month, coinciding with the staff’s schedule to disconnect services for non-payment.

Customers receiving any suspicious calls are advised to directly contact the TMU office to verify the legitimacy of the calls and for any queries regarding their accounts by phoning (660) 359-2281.

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