Trenton Municipal utilities to begin changes in water disinfection and flushing of system

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The Trenton Municipal Utilities Water Treatment Plant will begin utilizing free chlorine, or a free chlorine conversion, in its water system Friday, September 25th.

The temporary changes to water disinfection will last for three to six weeks. The changes will involve feeding free chlorine, instead of chloramines, as the disinfectant leaving the water treatment plant. It will affect customers of Trenton Municipal Utilities, Grundy County Public Water Supply District Number 1, the City of Galt, western Sullivan County, and the City of Spickard.

TMU reports there are no associated health risks to the process. There will be times of lower water pressure, possible odor, taste, discoloration, and small particles in the water. TMU and/or a water service will attempt to flush the particles, color, taste, and odors from the mains with directional flushing, but there is a possibility some of the color, odor, and taste will get into a service line.

The TMU Water Department is to monitor disinfectant levels continually during the conversion. If there is an odor or taste in the water, that does not mean it is unsafe to drink. Odors are caused by the free chlorine disinfectant cleansing the system. Nuisance issues should go away as the work is completed.

TMU reports it and its customer departments are tasked with ensuring the water in all points of their systems are acceptable to their customers. Minerals and metals are naturally present in the water source and can increase over time, attach to pipe walls, and release when there are changes in pressure, resulting in discoloration and affecting taste. Other processes, such as nitrification and the growth of biofilm, can also occur in the water distribution system. The biofilm can cause reduction in the effectiveness of residual disinfectants over time. The free chlorine conversion will help cleanse pipe walls, reduce the occurrence of nitrification and biofilm, and help provide quality water for customers.

Trenton Municipal Utilities staff will begin flushing the distribution system starting Monday, September 28th as a semi-annual requirement of the water treatment process.

Crews will start flushing the area south of Crowder Road and west of Main Street and continue flushing various areas inside the Trenton city limits through October.

TMU Comptroller Rosetta Marsh notes there may be discolored water during the hours of flushing Monday through Friday from 7 o’clock in the morning to 2:30 in the afternoon. It is recommended to run water for a short period of time to make sure it is clear before doing laundry or wait until after flushing hours.

Questions and concerns regarding the temporary changes to water disinfection and the flushing of the water system should be directed to the TMU Water Treatment Plant at 359-3211.