Trenton Municipal Utilities shows profit in electric, water and waste water departments at end of fiscal year

City of Trenton

The Trenton Municipal Utilities electric, water, and waste water departments all had positive net incomes for the fiscal year ending April 30th.

The profits, in rounded figures, were 485-thousand dollars for the electric department, 418-thousand dollars in the waste water division, and 245-thousand dollars for the water department.

Those figures include revenues, expenses, and depreciation before end of the year audit transactions.

The 485-thousand dollar profit for the electric department comes one year after the electric department had a loss of 123-thousand dollars.

The water and waste water departments both had net income profits the past two years.

The electric department, as of April 30th, had nearly two million dollars in unrestricted funds and 188-thousand in restricted cash.

The water fund had nearly one-point three million dollars in unrestricted and 229-thousand dollars in restricted cash.

The waste water fund had one-point-one million dollars in unrestricted and 383-thousand dollars in restricted money.

Randall Mann

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