Trenton Municipal Utilities asking customers to conserve electrical usage

City of Trenton Website

Trenton’s Utility Director Ron Urton is asking for TMU customers to conserve on their power usage today and again on Tuesday due to extreme cold.

For the first time in his tenure of more than four years as city administrator and utility director, Urton stated TMU is operating diesel generators to assist in making power available to the energy grid via the Missouri public energy pool of cities of which Trenton is among three dozen members.

Urton said four of the five diesel generators are operating today at the north sub-station which comes at an increased cost to the city due to the products needed to generate electricity. Purchasing power on the grid is cheaper for the city of Trenton than making its own.

Trenton Municipal’s request to conserve power to the most extent possible is so that peak demands can be avoided or minimized and that all customers continue to have electricity.