Trenton man ordered to pay over $3K in incident that damaged parked car and lawn

Gavel and Law book

A Trenton man has received a suspended sentence for his involvement in an accident last month that damaged a parked vehicle and a nearby yard in the northeast part of Trenton.

Forty-nine-year-old Mark William Trump of Trenton has pleaded guilty to three misdemeanors including two counts of property damage in the second degree and one count of driving while intoxicated with alcohol involved. A previously-filed charge of property damage had been a felony but was reduced to a misdemeanor by the prosecutor. A fourth count was dismissed.

On a plea agreement in the Associate Division of Grundy County Circuit Court, Trump was ordered to pay restitution of $2,459 to Alyssa Gibson for damages to the car; restitution of $200 for damage to the Larry Smith yard; $141 as a recoupment fee to Trenton Police; $500 to the law enforcement fund; $150 for the prosecuting attorney administration; as well as the court costs.

Together, that’s over $3,300 which the court said is to be paid either through insurance or personally. A restitution hearing is October 18th in the court and Trump is required to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet for 90 days.

Police said Mark Trump, early the morning of August 23rd, was the driver of a pickup that hit the car parking on Hunter Road; pushing it approximately 80 feet. Police said the pickup continued onto the Smith property where damage was reported to the yard and a culvert.