Trenton High School Scholar Bowl team to compete in GRC East Pod Competition

Trenton High School

The Trenton High School Scholar Bowl team will participate in the Grand River Conference East Pod competition at Princeton Monday.

The team will go up against Milan, Princeton, and Putnam County to determine the East Pod champion. The winner will play the winner of the Western Pod later next week for the Grand River Conference title.

Teams with a winning regular season for the Eastern Division are Polo 7-0; Stanberry, Milan, and King City 6-1; Trenton, North Andrew, and Saint Joseph Christian 5-2; and Gallatin 4-3.

The Grand River Conference All-Conference Scholar Bowl teams have also been announced.

Members of the All-Conference Scholar Bowl first team include Trenton High School Senior Jacob Roy, Milan Junior Kelvin Vieyra, Polo Juniors Steven Knotts and Alina Hays, Putnam County Senior Trey Maddaleno, and King City Senior Josh States.