Trenton High School FFA participates in community service projects


The Trenton High School FFA participates in multiple community service projects each year.

Trenton FFA President Jayden Roeder says one of those is volunteering at the Church Women United Thrift Store in Trenton Saturdays in January through March. She explains all club members volunteer at the store by checking out customers, picking up hangers and tidying up the store, and sorting shipments.

Secretary Padyn Gibson says the club adopted nine children this past Christmas as part of the Adopt a Family program. She notes club officers shopped at Walmart to buy clothes and toys for the children.

First Vice President and Area President Hannah Persell notes Trenton FFA also takes part in community cleanups before and after the North Central Missouri Fair as well as other community trash pickups.

Treasurer Emily Kasinger tells that the club holds petting zoos for the area children, especially in the summer at summer schools, Missouri Days, and the North Central Missouri Fair. She says this helps children pet, see, and learn more about animals and what they do.

First Vice President Hannah Persell explains that she and Secretary Padyn Gibson visited third graders as part of Ag Education on the Move. She mentions that the two discussed soybeans, beef cattle, and other agriculture-related topics.

The club also is involved with Food for America Summer School, which explains where food comes from. President Jayden Roeder says community service projects are one way for Trenton FFA to give back.