Trenton High School Choir students take part in Virtual Solo and Ensemble Competition

Trenton High School

Trenton R-9 High School Choir students participated in a virtual Solo and Ensemble Contest. Trenton Choir Director Tyler Busick notes that instead of the district and state-level events, the contest was considered state-level. At the state level, students receive gold, silver, or bronze.

Gold choir ensembles for Trenton included two mixed double quartets, a women’s sextet, and a men’s double quartet. Members of one mixed double quartet were Maurissa Bonta, Adria Willey, Mari Atup, Katie Markell, Jonin Villacampa, Trent Villacampa, Trager Leeper, and Caleb Johnson. The other mixed double quartet included Jillian Simpson, Alaina Overton, Jaica Clark, Amanda Parrack, Jesse Ledbetter, Connor Campbell, Victor Markell, and Travis Gifford. The women’s sextet included Jillian Simpson, Jaica Clark, Maurissa Bonta, Katie Markell, Alaina Overton, and Mari Atup. Members of the men’s double quartet were Jesse Ledbetter, Connor Campbell, Ronald Woods, Trent Villacampa, Jonin Villacampa, Trager Leeper, Victor Markell, Caleb Johnson, and Travis Gifford.

Bronze choir ensembles included a women’s sextet from Trenton. It was made up of Haley Schultz, Makayla Hamilton, Shelby Williams, Kate Clark, Kayleigh Snuffer, and Katelyn Stevenson.

Gold soloists were Trent Villacampa, Jillian Simpson, and Caleb Johnson. Soloists receiving silver were Trager Leeper, Maurissa Bonta, Jonin Villacampa, Amanda Parrack, Makayla Hamilton, Mari Atup, and Morgan King. Bronze choir soloists for Trenton were Adria Willey, Haley Schultz, and Jaica Clark.


Trenton R-9 Chohiir Ensembles Sp[ring 2021